Soaric is fitted with special components for a comfortable treatment process. Endodontics

The integrated microscope enables you to discover even the smallest accessory canals. Even the most awkward deviations from expected root canal anatomy, such as forking, tears, or fractures, can be more easily recognized and more precisely treated.

Additional advantages: the integration of the microscope directly into the treatment unit gives you an entirely new degree of freedom of movement. The slow-speed mode of the treatment chair also allows you to focus with to-the-millimetre exactitude during treatment. Special provision has been made for the spaces of movement required for perfectly coordinated treatment as a team. All the instruments are arranged in such a way that they provide ideal support to a “four-handed” or “six-handed” treatment and can be reached and passed around in a manner appropriate to each situation.

Integrated endodontics provides safety and comfort

The integrated apex locator transmits the measurement function onto the display. The navigation interface helps to ensure treatment without distraction but with all endodontics parameters constantly in view.

The monitor is not only able to show a full-screen display of the LC touch screen or the data from your practice’s PC, it can also display both at the same time. The LC touch screen display can be shown in fourfold enlargement in various positions on the monitor. As a result, the values from the root canal measurement can be read off easily with precision.

The integration of a microscope provides even better conditions for complex and demanding treatment.
The micro motor Torx SII-R with the special angle piece TorqTech ENDO is particularly suitable for root canal treatment and provides integrated safety.


During treatment of the root canal, you can track the exact position of the file tip in the canal on the display or the monitor. The nickel-titanium files conduct the electrical signal without separate file electrode; this makes changing files quicker and easier. The mucosal electrode with its backrest adaptation eliminates the necessity for „annoying cables“.

If the pre-set torque is exceeded, the file switches automatically to the reverse direction, thanks to the Auto Torque Reverse. This function prevents any blocking in the root canal. With auto apical reverse the file goes into reverse automatically as soon as a pre-set position to the apex has been reached. Auto Apical Stop stops motor automatically upon reaching a pre-set reference point.

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