How Can Tri Auto ZX2 Enhance Your Practice?

Tri Auto ZX2 Limited Time, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Tri Auto ZX2 is a compact, cordless motor with a built-in apex locator. It facilitates faster and safer treatment - even in difficult cases involving constricted or extremely curved canals.

  • Allows you to achieve apical patency through mechanical preparation; rotary files as small as size #10 may be used
  • With the OGP function, you can create a glide path with speed and reliability
  • Proven OTR technology helps to reduce the possibility of file jamming, breakage, and ledge formation
  • With the built-in apex locator, the motor stops or reverses rotation as soon as the file reaches the end of the working length to prevent perforation 

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Special Offer through 3/31/20

Purchase a Tri Auto ZX2, get a $100 (USD) rebate. Purchase Tri Auto ZX2 with an extra contra head and get a $200 (USD) rebate.   

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

For a limited time, you can purchase Tri Auto ZX2 with a 30-day money back guarantee. For more details on this program and promotional offer, call 1-888-JMORITA (566-7482) or complete the online form via the button below.

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