3D Diagnostix Digital Services Now Integrated with Morita i-Dixel Imaging Software

· IRVINE, Calif. – J. MORITA USA, world-leader in imaging technology, has made the following announcement regarding a new partnership with 3D Diagnostix Digital Services.

In an effort to provide dentists with technological innovations that will enhance patient outcomes, US-guided surgery provider, 3D Diagnostix recently decided to join forces with the leading dental/medical manufacturer, Morita for a direct connection to their 3D imaging software, i-Dixel. The partnership aims to provide users with innovative imaging solutions, helping them to deliver enhanced clinical outcomes, not only through improved accuracy and precision, but also through simplified digital workflows.

With this collaboration, Morita i-Dixel imaging software users can now seamlessly order digital services from 3D Diagnostix including radiology reports, implant treatment plans, computer-guided surgery solutions, and their most recent innovation, Magnetix™ guided full-mouth restorations. The integration also allows users to order digital design services for users with in-office 3D printing capabilities for surgical guides and prosthetics. “We are really excited about this cooperation,” says Khaled Said, CEO and General Manager of 3D Diagnostix, Inc. “Morita i-Dixel’s easy-to-use software features combined with our dynamic guided surgery solutions will bring about new dimensions to implant placement and radiological interpretation.”

Morita i-Dixel imaging software
Morita i-Dixel imaging software presents a wide variety of services to its users ensuring they reach an accurate diagnosis for their cases. The software features a drawing function, presentations for implant therapy, and the ability to convert three-dimensional x-rays to solid images to allow for rotation, magnification, and slicing of the image. i-Dixel also boasts a unique feature, which is the ability to view both CT slice images and volume rendered images simultaneously on the computer screen. It is compatible with DICOM 3.0 and ensures seamless integration into networks.

3D Diagnostix:
Based in Boston, MA, 3D Diagnostix is an international leader in providing post-CT dental services. From comprehensive radiological report interpretation to surgical guide fabrication and implant treatment planning, 3DDX has processed over 300,000 cases with unsurpassed quality at an unbeatable price.

Morita was established in Kyoto, Japan in 1916. Today, the company has grown to become one of the world’s largest manufacturers and distributors of high quality equipment and supplies with offices located on six continents. Devotion to innovation in product design and development enables the company to help define and shape the direction of dental healthcare.

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