CF Carbon Fiber Post

CF Carbon Fiber Post Virtually Unbreakable

Carbon fiber is very strong and almost unbreakable. Its elasticity is similar to dentin, enabling the carbon posts to move and work with the natural dentin. Carbon posts dissipate the occlusal stress and do not transmit it, as metal posts do. They consist of strong carbon fiber bundles embedded in a special composite material, which will mix and naturally bind with the dental material used for cementing and core build-up. The carbon fiber bundles are made of carbon fiber reinforced epoxy resin with the reinforcing fibers in the form of a braided plait. The braided plait form of the carbon fiber bundles in a multi-axial arrangement gives the posts superior resistance to bending and torsion forces compared to fibers in a typical single-axial arrangement. Fiber content is approximately 65%.


  • Retention for the reconstruction of non-vital teeth

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