Root ZX II - Reviews

‘Very precise and accurate with any type of environment and fluid inside the canals. This is by far the best EAL on the market.’
--Denny Fang, DDS

"I would not do endodontics without my Root ZX."
--Dr. Kevin Dens

"My experience with the Root ZX has been excellent. This is a very valuable tool for any dentist looking for help with endo."
--Dr. William Alexander

“Last year I bought the new J. Morita Root ZX II Dental Apex Locator w/Handpiece & Module. It's amazing, Endodontics is a hassle no more. Everyone should buy one.”
--Pankaj Narkhede, DDS, MDS, F-ISMU (hon), FAAID (hon)

"The Root ZX is reliable and a great time saver. Also provides a good back-up system to diagnostic periapical X-rays to determine working length during procedures."
--Dr. Kristin Kaelke

"Root ZX works great. Its been working for 10+ years and still going."
--Dr. Tim Wang

"Use it for every RCT! Awesome!"
--Dr. Christina Pruitt

"I have used Root ZX for over 10 years. I have reduced the amount of radiographs needed. With Root ZX, and a rotary handpiece, endo has acually become a non-stressful part of my practice."
--Dr. Renee Weichel

"We used to have an older apex location system. I heard about Root ZX and decided to give it a try. Endo has been made so much easier and more efficient when you have an apex locator that is reproducible and accurate."
--Dr. Scott Driver

"Root ZX is reliable, easy and the charge lasts very well - and patients love to watch the display and know we have it all out"
--Dr. Timothy Bishop

"Excellent products. Especially Morita Apex Locator."
--Dr. Timothy Han

"I have used this machine for three years. I am very happy with it and will recommend to my friend, Dr. Winslow. Thank you for developing this technology."
--Dr. Miguelina Arocha

"Have had Root ZX for more than 10 years. Generally works very well. Good product."
--Dr. Leon Katz

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