TriAuto mini

TriAuto mini Compact, cordless endodontic handpiece

I have had a TriAuto mini preparation motor for a large number of years. Can I combine this with a Apex locator to get file position displayed during canal enlargement?

Yes. The TriAuto mini can be connected to the Root ZX mini apex locator using the connection kit. The Root ZX mini is available in four trendy colors:

white, red, blue, green.  Along with length measurement, this provides you with further interesting functionalities.

I’ve got the combination system Root ZX mini with TriAuto mini preparation motor. Why does my measurement display cut out or function incorrectly sometimes?

The file electrode wears away and has to be replaced regularly – about every six months or whenever it is extremely worn. Users can carry out this replacement themselves.

Recently, it’s become necessary to recharge the battery more and more frequently. Can I change the battery myself? How long does a battery usually last?

The power of the battery and battery charge display allow problem-free charging. When used frequently, an intact battery should have enough capacity for at least one up to several working days. It takes about 60 minutes to recharge completely. Should the battery’s capacity have dropped significantly, it can be replaced by the user without problems.

Which parts can I autoclave?

The following parts can be autoclaved:

  • Contra angle

The following parts may not be autoclaved, only disinfected:

  • Handpiece

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