Veraviewepocs 3D F40

Veraviewepocs 3D F40 High-resolution 3D images for precise diagnostics and reliable treatment planning

In endodontics, you have to be able to see the smallest structures if you want to understand the make-up of the root canal and root curvatures. And having the right X-ray system is vital for treatment planning and making a prognosis on healing success. This is where the Veraviewepocs 3D F40 X-ray system for panoramic, cephalometric and 3D images scores with a resolution of more than 2 line pairs per millimeter (MTF) in recording volumes of ø 40 x 40 mm and ø 40 x 80 mm* and shows the smallest structures in brilliant recording quality:
internal/external resorption, trauma cases after careful consideration, localization of foreign bodies within the root canal system in the case of multi-root teeth and the involvement of neighboring structures prior to endodontic treatment or surgical procedures.