Spaceline EMCIA

Spaceline EMCIA The relaxed form of efficient treatment

Model options and specifications

There are two Spaceline EMCIA models:

  • Spaceline EMCIA SMT (Shoulder-mounted-tray), basic configuration

  • Spaceline EMCIA PdW (PdW-Tray, dentist’s element), basic configuration




  Spaceline EMCIA SMT Spaceline EMCIA PdW
Backrest-integrated instruments dentist’s side -
Backrest-integrated instruments assistant’s side or flexible pivoting assistant’s element
Shoulder-mounted tray -
Floor-mounted version of the dentist’s element (PdW tray) -
Optional automatic foldaway foot section of patient’s chair
Optional ceiling-mounted additional tray

Basic configuration

Patient’s chair

  • Oil hydraulics
  • 4 different patient’s-chair programs
  • Slow-speed mode
  • Foot control with 2 pedals
  • Armrest on assistant’s side
  • Headrest with anatomically adjusted movement sequence
  • One-hand connector plugs for water and air, on dentist’s side

Integrated instruments

  • AT AR anti-suck-back mechanism for pneumatically driven handpieces
  • 2 WS-12-N multi-functional syringes, without lights, for dentist and assistant (autoclavable)
  • Suction handpiece (spray-mist suction unit) with various fixtures and extensions (autoclavable)

Water element

  • Cuspidor with automatic beaker-filling function and visual beaker identification
  • Hose flushing system for all water-conducting hoses (RKI 4/2006)
  • Disinfection system for all water conduits (overnight)
  • Sterapore micro-filter system for fresh water and compressed-air supplies


  • Standard accessories
  • Silicon tray liner





  • Multi-function syringe, optional with LED lamp
  • Up to 2 micro-motor connections including motor with LED lamp
  • Up to 2 pneumatically driven instruments with halogen or LED lamp



  • Multi-functional syringe, optional with LED light
  • Up to 2 micro motor connections including motor with LED light
  • Up to 2 pneumatically driven instruments with halogen or LED light
  • LED curing light
  • Ultrasonic scaler with LED light

Available colors


Onyx black

Garnet red

Tourmalin green

Tanzanite blue

Citrine gold

Amethyst purple

Peridot green

Opal white





Dark gray