Message from the President Inheriting the mindset beyond generations

The spirit of enterprise and constant originality and ingenuity.

For manufacturing to satisfy those in the medical field, which has top social value, it must be supported by the “spirit of enterprise” and “constant originality and ingenuity.” We have many unique and innovative products, such as the world’s first horizontal position examination table, the world’s first dental CT equipment which dramatically advanced the diagnostic imaging field, Japan’s first dental laser equipment to grind teeth, and a tooth cutting device which utilizes cutting-edge fluid dynamics and ultra-precision processing techniques, also unprecedented in the world. To develop each one of these, many challenges were faced, including technical issues. Notwithstanding, we could achieve these devices by our “spirit of enterprise” that consistently creates unique and wonderful products ahead of others and “constant originality and ingenuity” where we do not give up and continue to think hard and work patiently.

Shi-On (Spirit of four gratitudes)

The spirit of four gratitudes are based on the last words of the company founder, namely “think about areas of gratitude every day and carry out business with honesty,” and are originally from the Buddhist teaching of fulfilling one’s obligations in four areas- heaven and earth, the ruler of the country, one’s parents, and man in general. Our corporate activities cannot be carried out by ourselves alone. Clients who purchase our products, doctors and the medical staff who provide valuable knowledge, persons who sell our products, those who supply manufacturing parts and materials, workers involved in company equipment maintenance and cleaning, and most of all, employees who work at our company, are invaluable in the support of the corporate activities at Morita Corporation. We highly value each of our customers. I think we have accumulated 100 years of history by carrying out our corporate activities in gratitude to all of them. From now, we will continue to pursue corporate activities with this gratitude in mind. Representative Director and President