Supporting iPadOS 17

· Starting in Autumn 2023, iPadOS 17 will be available for free to millions of iPad users. After the official release of iPadOS 17, i-Dixel WEB client devices will be evaluated to ensure there are no unexpected issues. Until i-Dixel WEB officially supports iPadOS 17, please refrain from updating to iPadOS 17 on any iPads used in your clinic environment to view Morita images. We are already testing with the beta versions, and we will continue to make necessary changes to ensure i-Dixel is ready for iPadOS 17.

Click here to learn more about the exciting new features of iPadOS 17. 

iPad Family Lineup

What about my other computers including Macs? 

The iPadOS 17 will be released for older iPads and will come preinstalled on any iPads purchased after Autumn 2023. Your existing Mac computers running macOS Venture or earlier and any Windows computers running Windows 11 or earlier are not affected. i-Dixel WEB will continue to be available and accessible on these computers just like before. i-Dixel WEB is part of your server computer and will continue to provide access to your Morita images and there is nothing for you to do at this time. 

For more information on iPadOS and the latest announcements from Apple, please click here to visit their news room.