3D Accuitomo 170

3D Accuitomo 170 High image quality with low radiation exposure

References from Studies Using the 3D Accuitomo 170

Below is a list of studies referencing the 3D Accuitomo 170.

Accuracy and Precision of Linear Measurements in Cone Beam Computed Tomography Accuitomo Tomograms Obtained with Different Reconstruction Techniques. 

Study by: Lund, H., Gröndahl, K., & Gröndahl, H. (2009, September)

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Absorbed and Effective Doses from Cone Beam Volumetric imaging for implant Planning.

Study by: Okano ,T., Harata, Y., Sugihara, Y., Sakaino, R., Tsuchida, R., Iwai, K., Seki, K., & Araki, K. (2009, February)

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External Cervical Resorption: A Comparison of the Diagnostic Efficacy Using 2 Different Cone-beam Computed Tomographic Units and Periapical Radiographs.

Study by: Vaz de Souza, D., Schirru, E., Mannocci, F., Foschi, F., & Patel, S. (2017, January)

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Comparison of physical quality assurance between Scanora 3D and 3D Accuitomo 80 dental CT scanners.

Study by: Ali, A.S., Fteita, D., & Kulmala, J. (2015, June)

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Detection of cavitated approximal surfaces using cone beam CT and intraoral receptors.

Study by: Wenzel, A., Hirsch, E., Christensen, J., Matzen, L.H., Scaf, G., & Frydenberg, M. (2012, July)

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Artefact expression associated with several cone-beam computed tomographic machineswhen imaging root filled teeth.

Study by: K. F. Vasconcelos, L. F. P. Nicolielo, M. C. Nascimento, F. Haiter-Neto, F. N. Boscolo, J. Van Dessel, M. EzEldeen, I. Lambrichts & R. Jacobs (2015, October)

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