3D Accuitomo 170

3D Accuitomo 170 XYZ Slice View Tomograph

3D Accuitomo

80 μm for unsurpassed image clarity

The 3D Accuitomo offers unsurpassed high resolution images with wide fields of view. 
Its super-fine minimal voxel size of just 80 μm allows diagnosing even the most subtle details of the temporal bone, nasal cavities, paranasal sinuses, mandible, and teeth.

Ø170×H 120 mm (250 μm)

)  Ø40×H 40mm (80 μm)

Unsurpassed high resolution image with minimal voxel size of 80 μm

The minimum voxel size of 80 μm ensures clear, high resolution images even when magnified.


Ø170×H 120mm (250 μm)

High Resolution Mode (80 μm)

Various Fields of View

9 fields of view for flexible scanning from local to large areas

The 3D Accuitomo is equipped with 9 FOVs (fields of view) that allow flexibility when scanning patients with a variety of diagnostic needs and clinical indications, from a large area (Ø170 × H 120 mm) that covers the maxillofacial region to a local area (Ø40 × H 40 mm). 
Reducing exposure dose is possible by selecting the most suitable FOV.


Fields of View
FOV Voxel Size
Ø 40 x H 40 mm 80μm
Ø 60 x H 80 mm 100μm
Ø 80 x H 80 mm 125μm
Ø 100 x H 50 mm 160μm
Ø 100 x H 100 mm
Ø 140 x H 50 mm 200μm
Ø 140 x H 100 mm
Ø 170 x H 50 mm 250μm
Ø 170 x H 120 mm


 High resolution even at large FOVs

The minimum voxel size can be selected from 80 μm, 100 μm, 125 μm, 200 μm, or 250 μm depending on your diagnostic needs and clinical indications. 
The 3D Accuitomo is able to provide high resolution with less distortion, even at large FOVs. 
The FOV can be offset so that even the temporal bone region can be positioned at the center of the FOV. This results in well-focused, high resolution image

Ø 140 x H 100 mm (200μm)

Ø 100 x H 100 mm (160μm)

Ø 60 x H 60 mm (100μm)

 Zoom reconstruction from original data

]The 3D Accuitomo is equipped with a unique zoom reconstruction function allowing you to zoom in and reconstruct a new volume from the original scan, without the need for additional acquisitions. The new volume can be reconstructed with a resolution of up to 80μm improving diagnostic accuracy with no additional X-ray exposure to the patient. 

Adaptable Acquisition Modes

Four exposure modes from high resolution to high speed

High Resolution (Hi-Res) Mode : Pixel size of the flat-panel detector is 1/4 compared to standard mode.
                                                     This mode has the best spatial resolution.
High Fidelity (Hi-Fi) Mode          : Higher data density for clearer image than standard mode.
                                                     This mode is suitable for the zoom reconstruction function.
Standard (Std) Mode                 : Suitable for all applications; from local to large area such as temporal bone,
                                                     nasal cavity, jawbone and teeth.
High Speed (Hi-Speed) Mode   : This helps reduce motion artifacts during the scan.
                                                    Suitable for patients such as children, who have difficulty controlling movements.

Standard Mode Ø170 mm × H 120 mm

High Fidelity Mode Ø80 mm × H 80 mm 


  360° Full Scan 180° Half Scan
High Resolution (Hi-Res) Mode* 30.8 sec. 15.8 sec.
High Fidelity (Hi-Fi) Mode* 30.8 sec. 15.8 sec.
Standard (Std) Mode 17.5 sec. 9.0 sec.
High Speed (Hi-Speed) Mode 10.5 sec. 5.4 sec.


*High resolution mode and high speed mode are only available for Ø40 × H 40 mm and Ø60 × H 60 mm FOVs. 

Fulfilling supportive functions for clinical practices

The 3D Accuitomo is equipped with an application that has various functions that allow simulations within volume rendering.

Mastoidectomy Mode (neural tubes drawing and CT volume removing)


Pseudo Rigid Scope Mode (perspective projection)