3D Accuitomo 170

3D Accuitomo 170 XYZ Slice View Tomograph

Case Example 1

Case: Otosclerosis
The otospongiotic lesion is detected around the anterior oval window (fissula ante fenestram). MPR images created in the planes parallel to the stapes superstructure clearly show the positional relationship between the stapes and the otosclerotic lesion.

Image Courtesy: Kawano Ear Surge Clinic

Case: Odontogenic maxillary sinusitis
Here is a high-resolution CBCT scan of the left first molar of the maxilla which has undergone endodontics (root canal treatment and crown restoration). The floor of the left maxillary antrum shows the early stages of odontogenic maxillary sinusitis due to an apical lesion of the left first molar. 

Image Courtesy: Sato Clinic



Case Example 2

Photo 1A: 
Clinical aspect at the initial examination

Case: Implantology 
Female patient referred for 3-dimensional analysis of esthetic complications after implant treatment in the left maxillary incisor region (Photo 1A).

The clinical status exhibits a mucosal recession, as well as a flattening and discoloration of the facial mucosa at the implant crown. The patient complained about recurrence of the peri-implant infection.
Symbols “*” in the photos 1C and 1D indicate the location of nasopalatine duct.
Image Courtesy:    Prof. em. Dr. Daniel Buser
                               Prof. Dr. Michael Bornstein

Photo 1B: 
Coronal image

Photo 1C: 
Axial image

Photo 1D: 
Sagittal image


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