Supporting iPadOS 15

· iPadOS 15 is here and is available for free to millions of iPad users since September 20th, 2021 and Morita is readying support for Apple's latest platform with its i-Dixel WEB system.

iPads running iOS 15

As many of you are aware, Apple's latest event on September 15th saw the unveiling of a number of new products and confirmed the release features of iPadOS 15 which was released to the general public on September 20th, 2021. It's provided as a free upgrade for iPads all over the world.

Click here to learn more about the exciting new features of iPadOS 15.

At Morita,  we are also getting ready to support this new platform and learning how we can utilize its unique features to deliver a better experience when using i-Dixel WEB in your practice. As the official release has just been made available, we have begun testing with i-Dixel WEB to ensure it runs with the performance you've come to expect from your Morita systems. We're confident that our software will support iPadOS 15 soon.

That said, customer experience is important to us and we want to ensure you can easily and reliably access your Morita images so that you can remain focussed on delivering the best quality treatment for your patients. As such, we kindly ask you to wait until we officially announce support for iPadOS 15 before upgrading any Apple devices in your clinic that you are using to access i-Dixel WEB.

What about my other computers including Macs?

iPadOS 15 is released for iPads and will come installed on any Apple devices purchased after September 20th. You existing Mac computers running macOS Big Sur or earlier and any Windows computers running Windows 10 or earlier are not affected. i-Dixel WEB will continue to be availalbe and accessible on these computers just like before. i-Dixel WEB is part of your server computer and will continue to provide access to your Morita images and there is nothing for you to do at this time.

What if my device automatically updates? Can I still access my images?

iPadOS is often delivered through automatic updates so you may find that your device is updated before Morita has announced official support for iPadOS 15. But don't worry, your data is safe and you can continue to access it through other computers and devices in your clinic.

We cannot guarantee performance if you access i-Dixel WEB with iPadOS 15 so we recommend, until support is announced, that you refrain from accessing i-Dixel WEB with your iPadOS 15 device. We will work hard to make sure i-Dixel WEB continues to meet your expectations and will announce support as soon as possible.

For more information on iPadOS and the latest announcements from Apple, please click here to visit their news room.

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