Veraview IC5 HD

Veraview IC5 HD High definition, digital imaging excellence


  Veraview IC5 HD
Model XDP1
Input voltage

AC100 V/115 V/120 V (Ex-1)
220 V/ 230 V/ 240 V (Ex-2)

X-ray head (DC Inverter)

  Veraview IC5 HD
Power consumption 0.85 kVA
Operating tube voltage 60 - 70 kV automatic control
Operating tube current 1 - 7.5 mA automatic control
Filament Preheated
Rectification Direct current


Oil cooling
Tube focal area 0.5 mm
Exposure time High-speed mode: 5.5 sec./ 192 μm
High-definition mode: 10 sec./ 96 μm

Light beams

Mid-sagittal plane, Frankfurt plane
Image layer light beam

Emission switch

Deadman type

Outer dimensions

  Veraview IC5 HD
Body dimension W 35“ x D 38¼“ x 92½“
(W 890 x DT 970 x H 2350 mm)
Control box dimension W 4⅞“ x D 2⅜“ x H 4¾“
(W 125 x D 60 x H 120 mm)
Required installation area 8.7 sq. ft. (0.86 m²)
Weight approx. 242.5 lb. (110 kg)
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