SIGNO G10 Harmony of Full Equipment & Universal Design

LED Light

“Luna Vue ES”, the newly developed LED light features high illuminance, energy-saving, and long service life much more than a conventional halogen light.


Instrument Holder

The instrument holder united with the table is so compact that it is easy to operate. The holder can be removed from the table for cleaning.

Table Arm

More range of the table arm is expanded upward from the horizontal line by 20 degrees. It makes patients’ coming and going easily.


Seat with good holding feeling supports the patient securely. The surface of the leather seat has grid patterns which realize beautiful appearance and comfortable touch feeling.

Glass Basin

Glass basin looks clean and is removable from the unit for cleaning.


The height of the chair can be adjustable between min. 400 to max. 750 mm. The wide adjustable range enables for patients to get on and off from the chair easily.

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