TORQTECH Experience a revolution in handpiece design.


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1: CA-5IF-O-UM
Ultra mini Contra Angle with 1:5 speed increasing gear ratio with light
2: CA-5IF-O    
Contra Angle with 1:5 speed increasing gear ratio with light
3: CA-DC-O    
Contra Angle with 1:1 gear ratio with light
4: ST-DH    
Contra Angle with 10:1 reduction gear ratio with light
5: CA-10RC-O
Contra Angle with 10:1 reduction gear ratio with light
6: CA-4R-PP
Prophy contra angle without light
7: CA-4R-O-PF
Inter-proximal contra angle with light
8: CA-10RC-ENDO 
Contra Angle with 1:10 slow down gear ratio for endodontic treatment without light
1:5 Contra-angles

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Easy access

The compact head improves visibility, while the comfort grip makes it easy to position. The angle is designed to help avoid contact with opposing teeth, allowing you to focus on treatment, rather than access.

Unique, multi-point chuck

MORITA’s unique chuck design grips the bur firmly and doesn’t lose its strength even after years of use. Experience the stability only a TORQTECH can provide when performing work that requires great precision.

Highly durable involute gears

A unique combination of internal and involute gears provide superior durability by reducing wear and resistance.




1:5 Contra-angles Ultra mini

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Improved access

The best just got better. The TORQTECH Ultra mini Contra-angle is ideal for treating patients with limited jaw mobility or children with small oral cavities. Use any standard friction bur up to 21mm and enjoy the stability and durability you’ve come to trust, now in a smaller profile.

See what you’ve been missing

The ultra mini head allows you to reach narrow trea-tment areas with ease and provides excellent visibility for fine, precise work

Wide, one-point spray

Newly designed spray mechanism provides a wide spray ensuring adequate cooling in even the most challenging treatment areas.

Reduced Speed, Improved Performance

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The ultra mini head provides excellent access and its rounded shape is more comfortable for patients.
In addition, the head is sealed to prevent prophy paste from getting inside the attachment which helps improve its durability and extend its working life.



  • Superb access
  • Sealed head helps prevent contamination and extends working life
  • Thrust bearings for improved durability




Interproximal Stripping Made Easy

  • Finely controlled with up to 10,500 oscillations per minute
  • Quickly remove enamel with high power and torque
  • May be used for contouring and polishing enamel
  • Superior control for improved patient safety


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