Signo T100

Signo T100 Technology meets Aesthetics



Colors Singo T100, Operating Stool T2 are available in all upholstery colours shown.

Lamb (T-WH)

Clay (T-BE)

Caribou (T-BR)

Black (T-BK)

Deep Red (T-RE)

Soleil (T-OR)

Night Sky (T-BL)

Aloe (T-GR)

Opal White (POW9)*

Garnet Red (PGR9)*

Citrine Gold (PGC9)*

Amethyst Purple (PAP9)*

Onyx Black (POB9)*

Tanzanite Blue (PTB9)*

Periodot Green (PPG9)*

Tourmalin Green (PTG9)*

*Arzthocker OS-EX-1 is only available in these colours.


Luxus-Sitzbezug der Signo T100
(In einer Vielzahl von Farben verfügbar.)



Ultrasonic Scalers
Solfy T (LED)
Solfy F (LED)
Newtron (LED)

Vacuum Syringes
Rotary vacuum syringe
Grip-switch type vacuum syringe
Saliva ejector

One-touch Connectors
(water supply)
One-touch Connectors
(air supply)


Luna Vue TL
EL mirror

Small Tray
Paper Holder

Mouse Tray


Doctor-Side Armrest
Assistant-Side Armrest




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