Signo T100

Signo T100 Technology meets Aesthetics

Name Signo T100
Type Chair mount TUA20
Power Supply Voltage 230 V 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 1.0 kVA
Chair Lift Mechanism Pantograph type

Seat Height (from floor)

Minimum 400 mm, Maximum 750 mm

Seatback Angle (from horizontal)

Maximum upright position 70°, reclined 2° (single-acting cylinder)
Mass Approx. 250 kg


  • General Name: Dental unit
  • Generic Name: Signo T
  • Equipment Type: Controlled Medical Device (Class II) Medical Device Requiring Specific Installation and Maintenance
  • Medical Device Approval No. : 229AKBZX00081000
  • Statutory Life (years of depreciation): 7 years

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