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Personal information protection policy

J. MORITA CORP. (hereinafter JMC) prescribes Customer Satisfaction as an important management index and actively performs “Safe and Proper Management of Information”, “Efficient and Effective Utilization of the information” and strives to continually improve data security while realizing Corporate management guidelines based on “Enterprising”, “Wealthy merchant” and “Shion” Spirits as described in our Enterprise Values, Business Administration, Organization Administrative Guidelines, as well as Personal principles.

JMC takes the task of safely and strictly controlling personal data seriously and does its utmost to maintain the trust placed in it by ensuring that all corporate officers and employees (including contractors, part time workers, temporary workers: hereinafter called “Employees”) understand “Personal information protection policy” and enforce the continual protection of personal information.


[1]Personal information protection policy

1. Compliance with the law and guidelines

JMC shall comply with the all relevant laws relating to the protection of personal information, as well as adhere to other relevant regulations and guidelines.  JMC shall enact an internal Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) regarding Personal information protection and disseminate the SOP to corporate officers, Employees and any related parties to ensure correct handling of Personal information.

2. Security control measures for personal information

JMC shall take security measures to prevent dissemination, loss and/or damage of personal information and properly supervise the Employees and subcontractors who handle personal information.



3. Handling of Personal information

JMC will only acquire Personal information through lawful and equitable means. JMC shall inform the purpose of use to the owner of such information and obtain the consent from the owner or publicize the purpose of use on this Website.

4. Purpose of use of Personal information

JMC shall clarify and define the purpose of use for all obtained personal information and strictly limit the use of information to within the range of the defined scope.

JMC will not use the information for any purpose not expressly listed below.

1.     Purpose of use

JMC will use the acquired personal information for business activities of the Morita Group (J. MORITA CORP., J. MORITA TOKYO MFG. CORP., JM ENGINEERING CORP. : Morita Group hereinafter)

① Personal information about customers - doctors, dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants, dental technicians, doctors' offices, dental clinics, medical and dental researchers and other health care professionals (including organizations such as medical institutions), and users of products and services (including those who have been or will be users in the future).

a.     Providing products and information pertaining to the products

b.      Information pertaining to product repair or maintenance (including remote access

maintenance through the internet)

c.     Information for the participation in Events such as but not limited to seminars

d.     Information regarding the quality and safety of products, product maintenance and after sales service relating to the repair and maintenance of the product

e.     Provision, gathering and analysis of usage, status, and any other usage needs relating to products and services

f.      Provision, gathering and investigation of academic information and other information related to JMC business.

g.     Collection of product warranties and post-marketing product surveillance and investigation and research on other business relating to JMC.

h.     Provision, gathering and analysis of information to support the opening of clinics and business operations of the customer.

i.      Collection, analysis, submission and reporting as required by relevant laws, regulations, and other matters.


② Personal information pertaining to trading partners such as suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, service providers, creditors such as suppliers and trading partners, debtors such as borrowers, as well as contractors related to JMC operation such as legal counsels, CPAs and Consultants.

(a) Performance of duties or exercise of rights based on the contractual relationship or credit-debt relationship or the correspondence for these actions.

(b) Provision and or collection of information regarding contractual or credit-debt relationships.

(c) Provision and or collection of information for the establishment of new contractual or credit-debt relationships.

(d) Administration of transaction history.

(e) Registration and reporting in accordance with laws, regulations, or other norms.


③ Personal information of public relations or other external contacts, the e-mail addresses of JMC officers and employees, or those who have accessed the JMC website.

a.     Responding to access information including other communication methods.

b.     Administration of access history

c.     Registration and reporting in accordance with laws, regulations, or other norms.


④ Personal information of patients which have been provided through the customer and administrated by the customer.

a.     Data conversion and/or transfer between computers in the case of product replacement.

(b) Verification of product repairs or maintenance or market information including product incident reports.

(c) Reporting of medical device incidents as required by laws or regulations.


⑤ Personal information of JMC shareholders (including former shareholders)

(a) The Performance of duties or exercise of rights based on commercial laws or regulations and the  response to these actions

(b) Administration of shareholders to the extent necessary to perform the above duties
(c) Notification and reporting in accordance with laws, regulations or other norms


⑥ Personal information of corporate officers and employees (including former corporate officers and employees)

a.     Appropriate allocation of personnel and other personnel management, payroll and other labor management at JMC

b.     Welfare, safety administration and health screening

c.     Education and training

d.     Registration and/or reporting in accordance with laws, regulations, or other norms.


⑦  Personal information related to personnel recruitment activities at JMC.


a.     Personal information of employment applicants (including past applicants)


⑧ Registration and/or reporting in accordance with laws, regulations, or other norms.


5. Sharing the accumulated information within the Morita Group

JMC may share the accumulated Personal information for use within the Morita Group.

·       Items of personal information of customers or trading partners to be shared are as follows.

·       Full name of representing person,

·       Name of the entity to which they belong,

·       Title,

·       Phone Number,

·       FAX number,

·       e-Mail address,

·       Product purchase history,

·       Service history such as maintenance or repairs,

a.     The following information of each company in the Morita Group

·       Corporate officers

·       Employees

·       Number of planned new hires

·       Number of employment applicants received

·       Employment information of retired employee (Employee code, full name, gender, birth date, date of hire, assigned department, duties)

Other information required to achieve the purpose of sharing data.


·        Purpose of sharing the information


a.     Smooth provision of information, products and services to customers and trading partner.

b.     Ensure healthy and smooth on duty environment for corporate officers and Employees of all Morita Group companies.

Morita Group companies may share the personal information of corporate officers and Employees for all Morita Group activities.

c.      Verification of product repair and maintenance (including remote access maintenance through the Internet) or verification of market information including Adverse Event Reporting.


·        Administrator of shared Private information






6. How is Personal information collected?
JMC may gather customer’s personal information through the questionnaire submitted through this JMC website or by browsing this website.

① About Cookies

The JMCs website uses a technology called "cookies". A cookie is a technology that is used to store information such as customer browsing history and input when visiting a web page. It is a system that stores the information in a text file on your computer. The next time the site is visited, the information in the cookie may be used to identify the customer to tailor the operation of the website to the customer. The customer can change the way the site is viewed. JMC may use cookies for the following purposes

·       To provide a customized service to meet the customer needs and provide an improved site experience for that particular service based on the contents of the stored Cookie file when the customer logs in to authenticated services on this site.

·       To provide optimized guidance for the website based on the customer’s interests and browsing history.

·       To investigate customer activity on this website, disclose the status of e-mails from this website and display the browsing status of linked websites in e-mails sent from this website.

·       To improve the service quality and contents of this website.

The activation of Cookies can be configured in your browser options. These options may be set to “Accept all Cookies” , “Refuse all Cookies” or “Notify when a Cookie is received”, or other’s depending on the particular browser in use. Refer to the instructions for use for your browser for further details. Please note that some particular services on this website may not be available if Cookies are set to inactive.

7. Implementation of security measures
Strict security measures are implemented on this website to prevent any loss, leak, abuse or alteration etc. of personal information provided by the customer. Such personal information is stored in a secured environment which prohibits unauthorized access.


8. Provision of personal information to third parties
JMC shall not provide personal information obtained from the customer to any third party entity except under the following conditions.

·       With the consent of the owner of the particular personal information

·       In accordance with laws, regulation, other norms requiring disclosure

·       Consignment to a contractor with a signed agreement

·       Shared use among Morita Group affiliates

However, the information may be provided in compliance with the law without your consent if requested by a law enforcement agency, reported to the authorities, notified, or if there is an imminent danger to human life, rights, or property or an urgent need to do so.


9. Provision of personal information to third parties in foreign countries

In addition to article 8 above, JMC shall not transfer personal information obtained from the customer to any third party entity in foreign countries except under the following conditions.

·       The third party entity operates in a foreign country recognized by the Japanese Personal Information Protection Commission (PPC) established by the Japanese government and has an established legal system for personal information protection equivalent to that of Japan.

·       The third party entity is confirmed as providing measures for the protection of personal information required by law with suitable and appropriate procedures.


10. Disclosure, correction and suspension of use of personal information
JMC will immediately disclose, correct or suspend the use of personal information requested to do so by the rightful owner (or authorized agent) of the personal information once the requester is properly identified.

JMC shall establish a point of contact to handle such requests.

11. Request for disclosure
① Disclosure procedure

JMC shall accept requests from the owner of personal information, based on the Personal Information Protection Act, to disclose, correct, amend, delete or suspend use (Corrective Action hereinafter) .

② Request procedure

To request Corrective Action, please send a copy of a government-issued identification document along with the request to the following mailing address by postal mail. Please understand that JMC does not accept such requests by phone, FAX, e-mail or in person.


12. Inquiry contact
For complaints, consultations, requests for disclosure, etc., regarding the handling of personal information, please contact us at the following address. For more information, we may refer your inquiry to the appropriate department at JMC.

Attn: Personal Information Desk


3-33-18 Tarumi-cho, Suita-shi, Osaka 564-8650, Japan


(The Personal Information Desk is closed on Saturdays, Sundays, Japanese National Holidays and the company holidays of JMC)


13. Other
This website contains links to other external websites. JMC is not responsible for the personal information protection or other contents of these external websites.