SIGNO G40 Comforting functions and design for a comfortable treatment。

※Only Floor Step Type available.

Smooth movements to facilitate clinical operations

The table centralizes chair operations and instrument management, allowing smooth movements to facilitate clinical operations. Read more


Control Panel

The centralized layout switches enables consolidated control.
The mode set for each function can be checked on the LCD panel

  • Light intensity for an air turbine-driven micro-motor:
    H/L/OFF     Water: Injection: ON/OFF
  • Revolution range of the micro-motor:
    H/M/L/UL inverted revolution
  • Inverse timer display: Enabled to be set in increments
    ranging from one second to 59 minutes 59 seconds

Instrument holder

Instrument holder enabling smooth pickup action, with six sets positioned near the doctor.

The angles and layout ensure safety when an instrument is picked up. Due to its high frequency of use, the three-way syringe is placed on the left-hand side close to the doctor.

Moves 120 mm up and down

The table of the seat-mounted arm type model moves 120 mm up and down. It can be set to height for most comfortable use.

Tables moves in parallel with the chair

As the table moves in parallel with the chair, a space-saving layout can be arranged.

A gentle relaxing atmosphere

A gentle relaxing atmosphere surrounds the patient from the moment they are seated. Read more

Patient's chair

Leather-type seat

The seat holds the patient gently in position, supporting a relaxed posture

Head rest

The seat eases the patient´s stress during treatment, as the up/down ratchet rotational axis system supports the head in a natural way

Arm rest near the doctor

The arm rest is easily raised or lowered. This allows the patient to be seated and to move smoothly (Optiona)

Assistant holder

With a wider movable range, operability is now even better than ever

Glass basin

The glass basin can be moved to a position where it is easy for the patient to use

Removable glass basin

In light of cleaning, the glass basin can be removed easily