Soaric The exceptional gives the world its value


Soaric is available in different models, but with consistent quality.

Floor-mounted version

  • Instruments out of view of the patients
  • Minor place requirement
  • Perfect accessibility for the patients

Over-the-patient (suspended) tray version

  • Operator’s element “floats over the patient”
  • Optimum ease of access to the instruments
  • Perfect accessibility for dentists and assistants

Foldaway foot section

  • Version for suspended tray and floor-mounted tray
  • Makes mounting and dismounting the chair very easy
  • Straight sitting position for patient consultation

Basis version

Patient’s chair

  • Oil hydraulics
  • 4 separate patient’s-chair programs
  • Slow-speed mode
  • Foot control
  • Double-jointed headrest
  • LED operating light LunaVue CL-30

Water element

  • Manually swiveling cuspidor with automatic cup refill and optical cup-fill detection
  • Quick-connect terminal for providing devices (compressed air, water)
  • Warm water boiler for instrument spray and mouthwash water
  • Integrated hose flushing system for all water-conveying instrument hoses (in accordance with RKI 4/2006)
  • Integrated disinfection system for the regular disinfection of all water conduits (for Bilpron from the firm Alpro)
  • Integrated disinfection system for suction hoses
  • Sterapore microfilter system for fresh water and compressed-air supplies

Operator's element

  • 5 swiveling instrument holders (thermically disinfectable, autoclavable)
  • LCD touch-screen display and “shortcut” function keys
  • Instrumentation
    First connection for pneumatically driven instruments (such as turbines, air scaler and air motor) including instrument hose DIN Midwest 4-holed with light (not including handpiece, not including quick-release coupling)
  • First micro motor connection including instrument hose and Torx SII-O-LD micro motor with LED light (not including straight or contra-angle handpieces)
  • Multi-functional syringe WS-12N-IP (warm, without light)
  • AT AR anti-suck-back mechanism for pneumatically driven handpieces
  • USB-connection on the operator's element so as to allow connecting e.g. intraoral camera, USB mouse, thumb drive etc.

Assistant’s element

  • Assistant’s element with variable instrument holders and operator panel
  • Spray-mist suction device, adjustable (quick-stop), incl. adapter fitting for 16 mm vacuum tips
  • Saliva ejector, adjustable (quick-stop)
  • Multi-functional syringe WS-12N-IP (warm, without light)


  • Standard fittings
  • Silicon tray sheet
  • Consumables and installation material


Operator's element

The swivelling operator's element can be adjusted to suit the height of the practitioner and allows safe choice and replacement of instruments. In addition, the instrument holders can be swiveled and offer even more freedom of movement. The instrument holders can be used open or closed depending on requirements. The integrated switch-in hose strain relief takes the strain off your hand and finger muscles during treatment. Instrument parameters are controlled using the operator panel.

You may stock up to seven instruments, including 2 turbines and 2 micro motors.

Multi-functional syringe

  • Integration into operator´s and assistant’s element
  • Available also in an LED version

Turbine – TwinPower

  • Double-impeller technology with 18 - 25 Watt
  • Head size: ø  9,00 mm - 12,0 mm
  • Weight: 45 - 53 Gramm
  • Push-button chuck for Morita, KaVo, Sirona, W&H, NSK

Straight handpieces and contra angles – TorqTech Series

  • Straight, blue handpiece (1:1)
  • Red (1:5) contra angle handpieces
  • Green contra angle handpieces



Air scaler - AirSolfy
  • Oscillating frequency
    5,500 – 6,500 Hz
  • Compatible with quick couplings

Scaler – Ultrasonic Suprasson
  • Scaling with 27 kHz
  • Comprehensive range of tips
  • Equipped with LED light
Connection to other scalers
  • EMS
  • Satellec 

High-performance LED curing light - PenCure

  • output of 2000 mW/cm²
  • effective polymerization is possible in 3 seconds
  • Integration into operator's element

Upholstery colors

Choose from 10 different colors:

Gray L1

Gray M1

Gray D1

Beige L1

Beige M1

Blue L1

Blue M1

Blue D1

Green L1

Green M1