Soaric The exceptional gives the world its value

What unit versions are there?

Soaric is available as over-the-patient (OTP) version or floor mount (FMT) version. A cart version of the Soaric doesn’t exist. Both versions can be fitted with a foldaway foot section so that the patient can be seated easily without problem.

What advantages does the floor mount (FMT) version have?

The floor mount version offers a greater degree of freedom and better accessibility for the patient as the dentist’s element can largely be left in the working position when the patient is getting on and off the chair. As a result, patients do not feel restricted in their movements.

This also offers advantages for standing treatment on sitting patients. With the floor mount version, you have the possibility of attaching a monitor to the dentist’s element and the light pole.

What advantages does the over-the-patient (OTP) version have?

The additional tray is fitted directly onto the dentist’s element and does not have to be positioned separately.
Patients cannot get tangled up in the instrument hoses and hurt themselves or trip up.

What are the advantages of the oil hydraulic system in comparison to the lower priced spindle drive used by a lot of competitors?

The oil drive is quiet and allows softer patient chair movements. In particular in slow-speed mode for focusing the microscope, it Is possible to achieve very soft and minimum movements.
In addition, the hydraulic drive has a longer service life than the spindle drive.

What advantages does the Soaric foot control offer?

The multifunctional foot control provides various operating possibilities such as controlling the patient’s chair or the instruments. Foot control benefits the hygiene process.

Functions and switch assignments are easily programmable using the touch panel on the operator’s element.

What headrest versions are available?

You can choose between the standard headrest with extension and tilt adjustment (natural movement) or a double-jointed headrest with 2 hinge points.

A headrest with motor-driven adjustment is not available.

What advantages are there to the double-jointed headrest?

Comfortable positioning of children and patients with physical disabilities.

What versions of OP light are available?

Only a floor-mounted LED light is available.

What is AT AR anti-suck-back mechanism?

This prevents saliva and aerosols being sucked back out of the patient’s mouth into the turbine and the instrument hose.

Which micro motors can be adapted?

Only quality micro motors TR-SII-O-LD with standardized ISO connection for all standard straight handpieces and contra angles.

How can I integrate my PC? Can I integrate Soaric into my practice network?

The USB connection on the dentist’s element allows easy adaptation of storage media, mouse, keyboard and USB intraoral camera.

If you choose a monitor on the dentist’s element, it is PC-capable. PC control (mouse functions) on the operating panel and foot control is carried out using the pointing device.

What cuspidor versions are available?

A manually swiveling or motorized version.

How can I adapt my auxiliary equipment?

Soaric has quick couplings for compressed air (2.5 bar) and fresh water on the assistant’s side. The water volume can be regulated. A water return, e.g. for hydrocolloid, is available as an option. There is no integrated power connection for auxiliary equipment. This has to be provided externally (e.g. floor socket).

What form of fresh water treatment is used?

A comfortable volume of hot water is always available thanks to the hot water boiler. Intensive sterilization and optional permanent disinfection (Metasys WEK) are possible.

Sterapore microfilter system

What possibilities are there for positioning very large and very small patients?

A backrest extendable by approx. 6 cm is available as an option.

The double-jointed headrest offers a large number of adjustment possibilities for very large and very small patients, as well as patients with physical handicaps (e.g. hunchback).

What contribution does Soaric make to ecology?
  • The appliance switches over to standby mode if not used for any length of time.
  • Sterapore water and air filters minimize the amount of chemicals required for water preparation.
  • Instruments and OP lights are fitted with energy-efficient LEDs.
  • Soaric has a long service life and in this way conserves raw materials.
  • Soaric is manufactured in Japan under stringent controls on working and environmental conditions.