Basic values

Principles and Values

Values as a success factor

„The Morita Group has gained respect around the world and offers solutions to maintain, improve or reinstate quality of life. Morita has achieved a confident leading position based on our superior, reliable and highly efficient products, services and solutions. These values make us the first choice for users and trade partners.“

This is the vision of our president Haruo Morita – a vision of how Morita wants to be perceived by its customers and partners. It forms the basis for all entrepreneurial thoughts and actions.

Building upon this, we have developed a set of values which help us secure the confidence of our customers. Reliable values are long-term success factors, particularly in times of intensified global competition and increasing ethical awareness.

The seven values of Morita:
  1. Our actions are humane. On the basis of high moral beliefs that are consistent with corporate values and create trust in the company.  紳商 Shin-Sho
  2. Consistent learning is elementary – from each other as well. We have mutual respect for each other and know that support from others is of existential importance. 四恩 Shi-on
  3. We develop growth potential and have the force to take over the leadership – with a progressive spirit, without fear of failure. 進取の精神 Shin-Shu No Sei-Shin
  4. We adapt our patterns of behavior as a member of society and are proud to be Morita employees.
  5. We value teamwork as well as career advancement and seek to achieve an open corporate environment for maximum employee commitment and customer confidence.
  6. The focus is always on the customer. Cooperation with users and trade partners is based on complete respect and trust.
  7. The logic of our service, the Morita DNA, is the basis for the current state and is future oriented. We need to continue developing this in a responsible manner.

Assume leadership to develop growth potential

Responsibility for future generations

Code of Conduct

Respect and openness

People from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds work together at Morita. Ensuring an equally productive and humane relationship with each other is the reason why we give our employees a clearly defined code of conduct. This is based on mutual respect and open communication in all situations. Encouragement, motivation and support within the team go without saying – as does the ability to listen, the willingness to make compromises and the gift of being able to remain objective even when faced with controversial issues.

This turns a lone fighter into a team player, and every diverse group into a strong community. Respect for each other and openness with each other – these requirements do not only apply internally but in particular also in dealing with customers and suppliers. In this way, Morita is also positioning itself as trustworthy and reliable partner on the markets worldwide.


Our responsibility


Respect for added value

Employees are the heart of Morita. They have a decisive influence on the perception of our company by customers and partners. For this reason, we consider it to be very important that each individual identifies with our demands and objectives. In order to achieve this, we involve all employees actively in company processes and provide them with their own areas of responsibility and creative freedom. In this way, we create a productive atmosphere – and, consequently, the preconditions for best possible results. A decisive element in this respect is the relationship between employees and management. This is characterized by mutual respect and regular dialogue.

A tried and tested instrument in this context is the 360° feedback with which employees as well as professional and managerial staff assess each other, with the employees’ opinion playing just as important a role as managerial views. In addition, each employee receives detailed feedback on their respective performance as part of an employee annual revue; furthermore, targets are agreed for the coming year and possibilities discussed for personnel further development. In order to express our particular appreciation of our employees, individually achieved targets are also rewarded at Morita with financial bonuses.


Operating with a long-term perspective

Mr. Tsukamoto (left), President of J. Morita Tokyo Manufacturing Corporation, and Mr. Morimoto (right), President of JQA, are presenting the certificate.

As in any company, the Morita Group also follows growth targets. For us, however, this economic alignment is not in contradiction to ecological aspects.

The reason for this is that we are convinced that we are creating the basis for lasting success through an intelligent combination of economy and ecology – and in this way fulfil our responsibility to future generations. In daily practice, this includes the careful and efficient use of resources. In addition, we are striving to achieve an effective reduction in greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2) in all work processes.

Our particular involvement in the sector of environmental protection can also be seen in the production processes. Here, Morita is the very first manufacturer of medical equipment to receive an award from the Japan Quality Assurance Organization (JQA). This certificate confirms the implementation of a management system relating to chemical substances in products. With this, we ensure that our products do not contain dangerous substances such as cadmium and lead – as is required by the EU directive 2011/65/EC on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (RoHS).


Demand and responsibility

Anyone wishing to experience appreciation within society has to be aware of their responsibility towards the people it contains. This responsibility goes without saying for Morita and is deeply rooted inside our corporate culture. In order to be perceived by the general public as a reliable partner of integrity – as formulated by our President Haruo Morita in his vision – Morita is engaged in a wide variety of sectors of society.

Together with the Federation Dentaire International (FDI), for instance, we support training and knowledge building in developing countries as well as regions with high development dynamics such as Eastern Europe. As one of only ten selected partner companies and so-called “Diamond Sponsor”, Morita also works in close cooperation with the International College of Dentists (ICD). The ICD is one of the oldest and largest voluntary dental organizations worldwide. Its objective is to actively support and promote the science of dentistry.

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