Warning regarding fake Root ZX / Dentaport ZX

It has been brought to the attention of J. Morita Group that companies in China and elsewhere in the world have attempted to copy the functionality and likeness of our famed Root ZX or Dentaport ZX. Some of these products look very similar to our units and are also named in a similar fashion. One such unit manufactured in China is even named “Root ZX.” The J. Morita Group has taken steps to stop these copycat products. Please note - only products by J. MORITA Mfg. Corp. are the genuine products of the J. Morita Group. Look for the J. MORITA Mfg. Corp. stamp of authenticity on any unit you intend to purchase.

J. Morita Group has no affiliation with any other company claiming to sell a Root ZX and Detaport ZX and takes no responsibility for those products in terms of warranty, safety, etc. Please contact J. MORITA Mfg. Corp. or an authorized dealer in your area to be certain you are purchasing an authentic product. Thank you for your support and attention to this matter.

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