Daily Inspection and Maintenance TwinPower Turbine

Improper maintenance will lead to a premature failure of your handpiece.
Please be sure to perform maintenance following the procedures below.


1. Cleaning → 2. Disinfection → 3. Lubrication → 4. Inspection → 5. Packaging → 6. Sterilization

1. Cleaning

Disconnect the handpiece from the tube. Clean off the cutting debris in running water with a soft brush and then wipe off the water.

Clean the spray hole with the spray hole wire provided.

After cleaning, use the syringe or an air blow gun to get rid of any moisture left inside the handpiece.

2. Disinfection

Wipe the entire handpiece with a piece of gauze dampened with Ethanol for Disinfection (ethanol 70 to 80 vol%).

Put a little ethanol on a cotton swab and stick it in the connection end of the handpiece. Genttly wipe the ligh guide with it.

Gently wipe the light guide with a cotton swab.

When using the high-temperature washer disinfector, observe our specified conditions attached to the product.

3. Lubrication

Before autoclaving, make sure that you lubricate and clean the handpiece with the AR SPRAY or MORITA MULTI SPRAY.

Push the lever on the spray nozzle up in the direction of the arrow. Cover the head of the handpiece with gauze, insert the chuck spray nozzle tip into the bur hole, and then spray for 2 seconds.

Push the lever on the spray nozzle down in the direction of the arrow. Insert the nozzle into the connection end of the handpiece, hold it firmly and then spray for 2 seconds.



Connect the handpiece to its tube.
Operate the handpiece for at least 15 seconds to expel excess lubricant from the head and then wipe it off with a piece of gauze.
Disconnect the handpiece from the tube.

4. Inspection - Chuck Grip Test

Take care to insert the tester straight all the way in.

Hold down the push button firmly, push the tester all the way in, and then release the push button.

Pull the tester slowly until you see a groove.


 : Sterilization and drying temperatures must not exceed 135°C.

5. Packaging

Place the handpiece in a sterilization pouch.

Do not use any sterile pouches that contain hydrosolube adhesive ingredients such as PVA (polyvinyl alcohol). Otherwise, its adhesive ingredient may elute, seep inside the handpiece during the sterilization, resulting in a solid residue and a failure to rotate properly.


6. Sterilization

Autoclave the handpiece. After the autoclaving, store the handpiece in a dry environment.
Recommended autoclaving conditions: 134°C (273.2°F) in a sterilization pouch for at least 5 minutes
Minimum drying time after sterilization: 10 minutes


・Instruments are extremely hot after autoclaving; do not touch them until them cool off.
・To prevent the spread of serious, life-threatening infection such as HIV and hepatitis B,
the handpiece must be autoclaved after each patient's treament has been completed.


Ensuring your TwinPower Turbine is in Good Working Order

While failure is rare, malfunctions may occur. Check the TwinPower Turbine any time prior to treatment or as part of your standard maintenance routines. Follow the recommendations in the Instructions For Use.

Never operate your TwinPower Turbine if it makes any unusual noises or vibrations. Never press on the push cap during turbine operation.

We provide a Maintenance Card that allows you to check the temperature of your TwinPower Turbine head to make sure it's operating properly and safely. If any discoloration on the Maintenance Card is visible, contact your local dealer or J. Morita representive to arrange for a repair. Always have your J. Morita TwinPower Turbines serviced by authorized presonnel. 


Notes when using the Maintenance Card

Turn off the water to the handpiece while performing the check.

Please do not make contact between the handpiece head and the Maintenance Card during operation. Keep the head 1 to 2 mm away from the measurement point.

Please use disinfecting ethanol to clean the Maintenance Card. High temperature cleaning and autoclave sterilization are not supported.

Keep the Maintenance Card out of direct sunlight (UV light) and store it in a place that will not be exposed to high temperatures.

If the expiration date on the card has elapsed or the test area is already discolored yellow, please refrain from using the card. The results may not be accurate.

Additional Info.

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Easy Maintenance with Lubrina 2

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