Core Business

Leading the market in quality

The main business operations of the Morita Group range from dentistry to human medicine. The highly complex equipment used in these areas has to be manufactured with a high degree of precision and experience. We have gained a leading market position in many segments: this can be attributed to our stringent quality requirements as well as the innovative spirit of our employees.

Yet, in order to be able to retain market leadership in the long-term, we cannot rest on our laurels but need to continuously invest in research and development. Amongst other things, this also includes integrating digital elements in the daily work of medical practices. It cannot be ignored that the megatrend of digitalization prevalent in society as such also is decisively changing the use of such media by physicians and patients. A strategic priority of our company is to introduce digital innovations to medical, consultation and service business. One example of such digital patient information and consultation services is “Second Opinion”, i.e. the possibility of obtaining a second expert opinion through digital media. Another example would be generating dental casts at an outside location.

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