Tri Auto ZX2

Tri Auto ZX2 Cordless Endo Motor with Apex Locator



Name: Tri Auto ZX2
Model: TR-ZX2
Manufacturer:          J. MORITA MFG. CORP.
Functions:                Root Canal Module
  OGP (Optimum Glide Path)
  OTR (Optimum Torque Reverse)
  OAS (Optimum Apical Stop)
  Auto Start / Stop
  Auto Torque Reverse
  Auto Apical Reverse / Stop
  Auto Apical Slow Down
  Auto Apical Slow Down
  Auto Torque Slow Down
Accessories:            Tester, Spray Nozzle
Options: LS Spray, Handpiece Holder,
  External File Electrode (with cap)



Free Running Operation Speed: 100 ± 20 - 1000 ± 100 rpm
Torque: 4 Ncm or more
Battery: Lithium-ion battery (DC 3.7 V)
Weight: Approx. 140 g (including battery
and contra angle)

Battery Charger

Rated Input Voltage: DC 5 V
Rated Input Current: 2.4 A
Weight: Approx. 280 g (AC adapter not included)

AC Adapter

Rated Input Voltage: AC100 - 240 V
Rated Input Frequency: 47 - 63 Hz
Rated Input Current: 0.4 A


Industrial Design : f/p design gmbh

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