Signo G10 II OTP

Signo G10 II OTP The new feeling of freedom in dentistry


Signo G10 II OTP (over-the-patient delivery)




  • Patient chair
  • Oil hydraulics
  • Standard headrest or multi-jointed headrest
  • Armrest on dentist side
  • Armrest on assistant side
  • Backrest
  • Foot control
  • Operating stool, three versions
  • LED OP light, two versions
  • Operator´s element as over-the-patient delivery
  • USB port on operator´s element


  • Tablet holder on operator´s element
  • Silicon tray sheet
  • 22” monitor on light pole
  • Ceiling-mounted additional tray
  • Glass or ceramic cuspidor
  • Quick connectors for fresh water and compressed air
  • Warm-water boiler
  • Amalgam separator
  • RKI-certified hose flushing system for water hoses
  • Sterapore microfilter system for fresh water and compressed air

Instruments on assistant´s element

  • Instrument holder for up to three instruments
  • Multifunctional syringe
  • Spray-mist suction device
  • Saliva ejector


Operator's element

Multi-functional syringe

  • Integration into operator's and assistant’s element
  • Available also in an LED version

Turbine – TwinPower

  • Double-impeller technology with 18 - 25 Watt
  • Head size: ø  9,00 mm - 12,0 mm
  • Weight: 45 - 53 Gramm
  • Push-button chuck for Morita, KaVo, Sirona, W&H, NSK

Contra Angles / Attachments – TorqTech Series

  • Straight, blue handpiece (1:1)
  • Red (1:5) contra-angle handpieces
  • Green contra-angle handpieces


  • Micro motor – Torx


Ultrasonic scaler – Ultrasonic Suprasson
  • Scaling with 27 kHz
  • Comprehensive range of tips
  • Equipped with LED light
Connection to other scalers
  • EMS
  • Satellec 


Available colors 

Upholstery without extra charge

Gloss black

Cool violet

Sweet brown

Fresh green

Shiny silver

Splash yellow

Honey pink



Upholstery with extra charge

Onyx black

Garnet red

Tourmalin green

Tanzanite blue

Citrine gold

Amethyst purple

Peridot green

Opal white



Glass pink

Glass orange

Glass green

Glass clear

Ceramic black

Ceramic blue

Ceramic orange

Ceramic white



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