Optimal conditions for a simple hygiene process Hygiene

The hygiene requirements are becoming increasingly important. So, we support you with SIGNO TREFFERT in your daily hygiene processes.

  • The Automatic water rinse system removes automatically residual water in the instrument hoses. The complete cleaning cycle takes only six minutes.

    In order to perform the automatic cleaning of the suction system simply place the nozzle in the cleaning aperture to automatically clean the suction nozzle, suction hose and settling tank. Just press the button to start cleaning.

  • The highly developed bacteria Sterapore filter with extremely fine-pored fibres effectively protect against bacterial contamination and other impurities to ensure there is a supply of purified air and clean water.

  • Separate water drainage allows the vacuum hose and tips as well as the vacuum settling tank to be automatically cleaned.
  • The AT.AR cleaning system – prevents cutting debris, aerosol contaminants and other unwanted particles from entering the air and water lines.
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