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We take a great deal of pride in the reputation for excellence we have cultivated throughout the world. Innovative, high quality products and service have allowed us to exceed expectations resulting in satisfied customers all over the globe. Find out more by reading the testimonials below.

  • The Root ZX is reliable and a great time saver. Also provides a good back-up system to diagnostic periapical X-rays to determine working length during procedures.

    Kristin E. Kaelke, DDS Wilkesboro, North Carolina, USA
  • Root ZX is reliable, easy and the charge lasts very well - and patients love to watch the display and know we have it all out.

    Timothy Bishop, DDS Fort Defiance, Arizona, USA
  • Root ZX works great. Its been working for 10+ years and still going.

    Tim Wang, DDS DICOI Fremont, California, USA
  • Excellent products. Especially Morita Apex Locator.

    Timothy Han, DDS Oakland, California, USA
  • Foundation plugs are very user-friendly. When you use this product, and when you re-enter the site for an implant case, you can feel confident bone and a good 'foundation' will be there for predictable implant placement.

    Tyler Scott, DDS Loudonville, Ohio, USA
  • J. Morita’s new TwinPower Turbine high-speed surgical handpiece is the best I’ve used for endodontic surgical procedures. It has a 45-degree head angle, an exhaust port that diverts air away from the surgical site, a very bright magnetopowered LED light, and a water spray control valve right on the coupler. Those features are great, but the home-run is how quiet and powerful these new Morita turbines are.

    L. Stephen Buchanan, DDS Inventor of EndoBender pliers, System-B Heat Source, GT and GTX Files, Santa Barbara, California, USA
  • I have used this machine for three years. I am very happy with it and will recommend to my friend, Dr. Winslow. Thank you for developing this technology.

    Miguelina Arocha, DDS Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Not all bone graft materials are created equal. I use J. Morita Foundation mostly for bone regeneration in root-end osteotomy. Compared to the freeze-dried human bone and calcium sulfate, Foundation is more affordable and easier to apply into bone crypt.

    Denny Fang, DDS Irvine, California, USA
  • The high resolution and the 6 views give me the optimal tool to diagnose any implant case and to share the information with my patient and referring doctor. I first had the 3D, but upgraded to the R100 for the larger views and am very pleased with the upgrade.

    S. Jovanovic, DDS Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Have had Root ZX for more than 10 years. Generally works very well. Good product.

    Leon Katz, DDS Brooklyn, New York, USA
  • I used the large Foundation and was able to place an implant with great bone density.

    Wilfred J. St. Cyr, DDS Catonsville, Maryland, USA
  • J. Morita's Accuitomo CBCT machine has been an amazing addition to my practice of Endodontics in many respects--some of them expected, and many of them unexpected, but very pleasantly surprising. I would never practice Endodontics or Implant Surgery again, without J. Morita's Accuitomo CBCT machine in my practice.

    L. Stephen Buchanan, DDS Inventor of EndoBender pliers, System-B Heat Source, GT and GTX Files, Santa Barbara, California, USA
  • CBCT technology has been an absolute game-changer for me, as both an endodontist and dental implantologist. The power of 3D imaging has transformed my approach to every patient and every procedure. From detecting elusive canals, to pre-visualizing and planning the placement of dental implants, my R-100 is indispensable in my practice, and I simply would not practice without it. We have a saying around my office: ‘For what do we use CBCT?’ ‘Answer: Everything!’

    Thomas V. McClammy, DMD, MS North Scottsdale Endodontics & Implantology, Horizon Dental Institute
  • I really enjoy using Morita injection needles with my patients. They rarely complain about pain when using them and the bevel is very smooth. Excellent products!

    Kristin E. Kaelke, DDS North Wilkesboro, North Carolina, USA
  • Having a Veraviewepocs 3D in my endodontic practice from day one was the best decision I made! It has been the biggest practice grower for me. The image quality is unsurpassed and the service is excellent.

    Marcus Palermo, DDS Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
  • …with the Morita [Tri Auto ZX2], I have shortened the actual working time from 1 hour to 15 minutes. And the canal shaping quality is unparalleled. Whoever invented this unit is ingenious.

    Crispin Chang, DDS Santa Ana, California, USA
  • The pink color blends in beautifully with the denture acrylic and can last up to two years. Unlike other silicone-based reline materials, and because of Silk Line's durability and consistency, it is easier to trim and polish. I also like the fact that it cures in the mouth in four minutes without any burning or bad taste and it offers immediate comfort. Patients love it!

    Joe Steven, DDS Wichita, Kansas, USA
  • The Veraviewepocs 3D F40 is a work horse that takes great consistent images.

    Dwight Rice, DDS Mesa, Arizona, USA
  • The OTR program of the Tri Auto ZX2 allows my Endodontist workflow to be the ultimate combination of speed and safety in canal instrumentation. The instrument’s computer can recognize and react to file binding much faster than my reaction time ever could, minimizing adverse events and maximizing productivity.

    Douglas Ness, DDS, ABOI, ABGD National City, California, USA
  • The UltraM changed my opinion of mini handpieces... surprised such a small handpiece cuts like a full sized counterpart.

    Martin B. Goldstein, DMD Wolcott, Connecticut, USA
  • I've had my Veraviewepocs 3D for over 2 yrs. It's an amazing piece of equipment. I wouldn't want to practice without it.

    Jason Hales, DDS Mesa, Arizona, USA
  • The efficiency of the OTR Mode speeds up the canal instrumentation process while minimizing file strain.

    Aaron Welk, DMD Tualatin, Oregon
  • I would not do endodontics without my Root ZX.

    Kevin Dens, DDS Baxter, Minneapolis, USA
  • Use it for every RCT! Awesome!

    Christina Pruitt, DDS Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska, USA
  • My experience with the Root ZX has been excellent. This is a very valuable tool for any dentist looking for help with endo.

    William Alexander, DDS Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  • I have used Root ZX for over 10 years. I have reduced the amount of radiographs needed. With Root ZX, and a rotary handpiece, endo has acually become a non-stressful part of my practice.

    Renee Weichel, DDS Tualatin, Oregon, USA
  • Last year I bought the new J. Morita Root ZX II Dental Apex Locator w/Handpiece & Module. It's amazing, Endodontics is a hassle no more. Everyone should buy one.

    Pankaj Narkhede, DDS, MDS, F-ISMU (hon), FAAID (hon) Lake Forest, California, USA
  • We used to have an older apex location system. I heard about Root ZX and decided to give it a try. Endo has been made so much easier and more efficient when you have an apex locator that is reproducible and accurate.

    Scott Driver, DDS Houston, Texas, USA
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