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    AAE Annual Meeting Corporate Workshop

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    Thomas P. Hinman Dental Meeting Atlanta, GA, United States of America
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    Lubrina - FREE TwinPower Turbine Handpiece & 4 Couplers with Purchase

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  • Learn more about Morita's NEW Tri Auto ZX2 at the AAE 2018 Annual Meeting Hands-on Corporate Workshop!

    Presentation by Dr. Denny Fang on Thursday April 26, 2018 2:15pm - 4:15 pm. Sign up today!…

  • We are currently exhibiting at PDC 2018 in Vancouver, Canada. Stop by Booth #1555 and check out our products!

  • Visit us in Canada at Booth #1555 at the Pacific Dental Conference 2018 starting tomorrow 3/8/18! #PDC2018

  • Visit us at Booth #526 and see our new products...#AO2018AnnualMeeting

  • A huge thanks to Dr. Clem and Dr. Benhamou for speaking at our AO 2018 Corporate Forum yesterday! Stop by BOOTH #526 to learn more. #AO2018AnnualMeeting

  • Stop by Booth#526 and let's talk MORITA product! #AO2018AnnualMeeting


  • Multifunctional X-ray unit that produces high resolution images with several unique features for ease of use and patient protection.

  • Cordless endodontic handpiece with built-in apex locator. May be used for canal shaping, to achieve apical patency, and create glide paths using rotary instrumentation.

  • Testimonial video featuring Patrick Slater, MD, a 3D Accuitomo 170 ENT user. Dr. Slater explains the advanced features of the Accuitomo 170 that made this unit the right fit for his practice.

  • This testimonial video features Michael A. Marsh, MD, a 3D Accuitomo 170 ENT user. Dr. Marsh explains why he chose this unit for his practice.

  • Brief instructional video demonstrating how to use the Root ZX II OTR handpiece.

    1. Power 0:50
    2. Memory Selection - OTR Mode 1:02
    3. Check Torque Bar Reading 1:20
    4. Start Filing 1:40

    Link with Canal Measurement 1:52
    Effective Use of OTR 2:13
    Order of File Usage 2:22
    Change Torque Setting 2:39
    Change Speed Setting 2:50
    Change Working Length Indicator 3:06
    Adjust Sound Volume 3:24
    Charge Battery 3:47

  • Introductory video for the Root ZX II OTR Low Speed Handpiece. This apex locator and handpiece combo unit allows the clinician to prepare the canal with a unique 90° auto torque release and file advancement feature while taking measurements. OTR maintains excellent cutting efficiency with less stress on the file, reducing the possibility of breakage.

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