American Academy of Periodontology Annual Meeting

Phoenix Convention Center
Phoenix, AZ
October 27 - 30, 2022
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Corporate Forum Presentations
Thursday, October 27
Level 2, Room 229AB

1:00 PM
Socket Preservation – When and How? 

Dr. Véronique Benhamou

The lecture will walk us through the healing steps of the post-extraction socket and emphasize the dimensional ridge alterations to be expected. The significance of socket management as a staged procedure prior to implant placement will be reviewed. Various techniques and materials will be reviewed along with the simple use of atelocollagen bone augmentation material.

2:05 PM
Use Er:YAG laser for the peri-implantitis surface disinfection: Rationale and Outcome Assessment

Dr. Hom-Lay Wang

Treatment of peri-implantitis defects is unpredictable and has become a major challenge for many dentists who placed implants. At this moment no standard protocol available to figure out how to predictably treat this emerging problem. One of the main challenges is properly disinfected contaminate implant surface to all possibility of re-osseointegration. This presentation addresses the characteristics of Er:YAG lasers and how they can be used to assist in the regeneration of peri-implantitis defects.

3:10 PM
The Role of Lasers for the Treatment of Peri-implantitis

Dr. Hector L. Sarmiento 

Peri-implant complication is a forever growing issue in our clinical practice. What methods and materials can we trust to recuperate a failing implant?  The purpose of this lecture is to identify different etiologies for peri-implantitis and to establish a classification system based on the different characteristics of the present disease. This presentation will also cover the surgical management of peri-implantitis utilizing various methods to detoxify implant surfaces for the grafting of hard and soft tissues.

4:15 PM
Safe and Effective Imaging: Increase Your Diagnostic Yield From CBCT

Dr. Sanjay M. Mallya

This presentation will address effective use of CBCT imaging to increase your diagnostic yield. It will discuss machine features, image quality, appropriate study design and a systematic approach to interpretation of CBCT images. It will provide a contemporary understanding of radiation safety and approaches to communicate the safety of dentomaxillofacial CBCT examinations to patients.

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