Periodontal treatment with AdvErL EVO

AdvErL EVO is suitable for different indications in the periodontal treament.

Tunneling Flap surgery
(granuloma removal)
Incision of abscess Perio pocket curettagel /Deep scaling
 Subgingival calculus removal
  • Minimal-invasive
  • Supports the healing process
  • Easier to separate granulation tissue from bone surface
  • Removes debris stuck to surface
  • Less discomfort during and after treatment
  • Work is within the tip range so it is not necessary to enlarge the area of treatment
  • Simultaneously resection and disinfect abscess
  • Less post-operation pain
  • Can be done without anesthetic
  • Less damage to the tooth surface than scaler
  • Disinfection inside the pocket
  • Less post-operative pain and hypersensitivity
  • Simultaneously remove plaque and disinfect
  • No smear layer left on tooth surface which reduces renewed build up
  • No heat damage compared to other lasers
  • Tip can be easily inserted into the pocket
  • Simultaneously removes inflamed inner marginal epithelium 
Benefits for clinical use


  • Keep tip moving; do not concentrate at a single point
  • For large pieces of granulation tissue, direct the laser at the interface between the tissue and the tooth to remove it as a single piece
  • Avoid directing the laser perpendicular to the tooth
  • Remove granulation tissue that is separated from the bone with a curette
  • Bleeding is reduced when tissue is removed
  • Use the tip at an angle and cut slowly
  • Turn off air to avoid creating subcutaneous emphysema when cleaning out the abscess
  • If air is left on, make sure exhaust is pointed outside
  • Keep curettage to a minimum to avoid doing unnecessary damage to healthy tissue
  • Measure the pocket before treatment and irradiate up to 1 or 2 mm above the bottom of the pocket
  • Move tip parallel or at a slight angle to tooth surface to irradiate the pocket thoroughly
  • Control pressure to avoid breaking the attachment at the bottom of the pocket
  • Lower power or pulse rate if there is pain
  • Start at the top and gradually work down
  • Move tip in small steps parallel to the tooth surface
  • Irradition interface between calculus and tooth repeatedly
  • Do no rub teh tip against the root to plane it
  • Measure pocket before use and irradiate up to 1 or 2 mm above tho bottom of the pocket
Key points of usage


Recommended tips and treatment settings for AdvErL EVO

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