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Linked Website

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Personal information protection policy

The J. MORITA MFG. CORP. has a comprehensive policy to protect the personal information of all customers who communicate with us through forms on our web site and email messages. We strive to insure that costumers' rights and interests will never be compromised by our collection, storage, use and disclosure od personal information.

Normally the personal information of customers who visit our web site is never disclosed, and we never gather information concerning  those who simply refer to our web site for information.

We use customers' personal information only for the cases listed below. Also we never ask for personal information without telling customers why or without prior consent. We may disclose personal information to a third party to whom we have entrusted some service but only if that information is included in the following list.

Implementation of a contract between the customer and the J. MORITA MFG. CORP.

Sending information about a service, new product, or event concerning the customer.

The policy for the protection of personal information shall have priority for all types of information covered by it as well as for all links to the information.

Customer Responsibilities

This site contains links to other sites, including those for other companies. Customers should check the policy for protection of personal information of any sites visited through these links. Customers must use this web site at their own discretion. The J. MORITA MFG. CORP. is not responsible for any harm, injury or loss to the customer due to misuse of personal information through this web site or any sites linked to it.

We maintain the highest degree of respect for legal and other considerations concerning the protection of personal information and continually review and revise our policy for protection of personal information.

We hope that customers will provide us with any required information after consenting to our policy for the protection of personal information. However, if the customer does not consent to this policy, he may not be able to use the various services provided and managed by this web site.

Questions concerning our Protection of Personal Information Policy: For email inquires provide the following information:


Required: Name, email aderess, and inquiry
Optional: Place of Employment, Department, Position, Address, Telephone and Fax Numbers

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