IT Security Policy

Fundamental Principle

Our company believes IT Security is one of the top priorities challenges facing corporate management. By this principle, we are constantly striving to enhance and improve our IT Security to prove worthy of the trust placed in us by our customers and society.  Specifically, we shall measure and evaluate the damage and risks associated with the loss or leakage of Informational Assets and effectively, continuously improve our IT Security systems.

Basic Principle

We shall clarify what constitutes information assets to be protected and ensure the adoption of preventive measures against information leakage.  In the unlikely event of an incident relating to IT Security, all the concerned departments shall take immediate actions and execute swift countermeasures collectively to prevent recurrence under the supervision and responsibility of senior management.

In addition to compliance with related laws, acts, and regulations, we shall strive to follow our own internal rules and regulations.  We shall take strict action to keep IT Security effective even in cases where a violation against Internal rules is detected. 

2.Providing products and services with peace of mind
We shall apply IT Security measures to all company activities such as Research and Development, Design, Production and more to ensure Information Assets are duly protected and worthy of the trust of both our customers and society.

3.IT Security Structure
To ensure continued protection and management of Informational Assets, an IT Security Committee shall be established with periodic meetings held to prehend and analyze the status of IT Security on a company-wide basis and to ensure swift and effective actions are taken to maintain our IT Security.

4.Cyber Security Countermeasures
Cyber Attacks are becoming more sophisticated day by day and is a consistently high risk for corporate operation. Therefore, we will put our maximum efforts to establish the multiple layers of protection against any illegal entry into our internal networks and enhance our access controls to provide a strengthened System structure with the capacity to respond to and repel threats regardless of the sophistication.

We shall conduct computer training workshops for Corporate Officers and other employees to improve knowledge of IT Security as well as continuously adapt and improve our Cyber Security Guidelines for IT Security. We will continuously improve our cyber security and handling competency. 

6.Risk Management
 We will continuously evaluate the risks to corporate operation and Information Security and the Security System supporting it will be adapted Physically, Technically, and by human resource measures based on the necessities determined through these Risk Management activities.

We will conduct periodic IT Security Audits or as needed to verify and confirm the effectiveness and efficacy of the IT Security System and whether the established policies are appropriate and the organization structure effective. 

Established: April 1st, 2022