How to find the Manufacturing Date of your Device From serial number to date of manufacture.

You will be able to find either the manufacturing date or the serial number (or both) stated on the rating label placed under the lift for X-ray devices or on on the side of the basin for dental treatement units.

In 2020, we made a modification in our labelling system to improve the traceability of manufacturing and to update it with modern ISO labelling standards. For devices produced earlier, you will need to determine the manufacturing date from the serial number written on the device.

Location of rating label

Location of rating label - Veraviewepocs Series

Modern labeling

The date of manufacture is indicated by month and year in the label designs from 2020. Look for the symbol indicated below.Example for Veraview X800

Older labeling

The date of manufacture can be determined by the first 2 letters of the serial number. Read the serial number from your device as shown below.

Example for Veraviewepocs 3De

First letter: Year

Second letter: Month 

For example, if you have a device with serial number AJ1234, your date of manufacture is

A: 2012 (or 1986) and J: October

  Year Year Year Month
A   1986 2012 January
B   1987 2013 February
C   1988 2014 March
D   1989 2015 April
E   1990 2016 May
F   1991 2017 June
G   1992 2018 July
H   1993 2019 August
I   1994 2020 September
J   1995   October
K 1970 1996   November
L 1971 1997   December
M 1972 1998    
N 1973 1999    
O 1974 2000    
P 1975 2001    
Q 1976 2002    
R 1977 2003    
S 1978 2004    
T 1979 2005    
U 1980 2006    
V 1981 2007    
W 1982 2008    
X 1983 2009    
Y 1984 2010    
Z 1985 2011