Message from the President Continuing the Morita Spirit inherited for over one Century.

J. MORITA MFG. CORP. is continuing its role of production and sales of dental and medical devices within the J. MORITA Group 

Our inherited company DNA is the Spirit of Enterprise and the Four Great Obligations*. 

Among our product lines, we have several “first in the world” and “first in Japan” items that have reshaped the field of dentistry. These “World Leading” and “Human friendly” products were created with the knowledge and expertise learned and cultivated from clinical professionals in order to put their dreams and ideas into practice. 

We owe a great debt of gratitude to our clinical professionals as well as our business partners for their support and guidance during the development stage which makes it possible for us to launch our innovative products. We shall continue to strive to manufacture state of the art and dependable products that are developed based on real, clinical needs and encouraged by the loyal and dedicated customers who use them.   

At this time, it is not easy to predict the global changes in the dental industry and stay one step ahead because of the remarkable progress in engineering innovation and environmental changes. However, we believe that human resource development is a significant factor for us to be the industry leader in an environment of continual evolution of dental devices, medical devices, software technology, production engineering and customer service.

We have a strong, dedicated, and professional team and we will continue to improve and support this team through our shared company values and cultivate a culture of openness, clear transparency of information, high level of employee engagement and provide an employee friendly environment which encourages each member to contribute to the activities of the company with pride and confidence.

We will keep striving to provide the best products and services based on our motto: “Never Ending Innovation” which has been passed down to us through each generation; and we will continue to contribute to the advancement of human health and medical development.

*Four Great Obligations:  We are greatly indebted to “nature”, “nation”, “family” and “life”. This is the philosophy of our company founder Junichi Morita, who believed that sincere business practices result from a sense of gratitude and an awareness of our obligations toward our partners, and this spirit has shaped Morita's Corporate Philosophy from the company foundation. In any age of history, all beings are indebted to something or someone throughout their process of evolution. A belief in the Four Great Obligations; "nature", "nation", "family", and "life" has been inherited to become the "DNA" of Morita.


Akifumi Tachibana