Tri Auto ZX2+

Tri Auto ZX2+ Cordless Endo Motor with Apex Locator

Next Level Reciprocation - Introducing OGP2

OGP2 Function (Optimum Glide Path 2) Reduces the Chance of File Breakage

OGP2 dramatically reduces the chance of breaking files due to its new and innovative reciprocating motion. Even patency using a #10 scout file is possible. Notoriously difficult patency by hand filing can now be achieved by endo motor!


Its intelligent motion reduces file binding and, when it does occur, helps prevent the file from breaking in the canal.

Maintains the Root Canal Shape

Even with curved or narrow root canals, OGP2 allows you to provide treatment that maintains the original root canal shape.


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Handles Patency, Glide Path, and Shaping Using Just One Mode

From a #10 scout file, to the widest size available, the Tri Auto ZX2+ handles any CW/CCW file all in one mode. Patency, glide path, and shaping can all be performed with OGP2, allowing you to focus on treatment rather than settings.

OTR Mode Now Supports Both Reciprocation and Rotary Files

OTR (Optimum Torque Reverse) Offers Enhanced Safety and Performance

OTR technology offers superior safety while efficiently preparing the canal. Continuous rotation is maintained until the file encounters resistance in the curved and difficult part of the canal. Depending on the file load, the motor alternates between forward and reverse rotation with great sensitivity to prevent jamming and file breakage. OTR mode now supports reciprocation files in addition to rotary files. Modification of the cutting angle can be made to suit your needs.

OTR CW mode

Cutting Direction: Clockwise (CW)
Non-Cutting Direction: Counterclockwise (CCW)


Cutting Direction: Counterclockwise (CCW)
Non-Cutting Direction: Clockwise (CW)
Suitable for Reciprocation files

World-leading Apex Location Built Right In

Root ZX Technology

Apical Slow Down

Capable of high-precision measurement without being affected by dry or wet canals, the integrated apex locator allows you to perform treatment while continuously monitoring the position of the file. The Tri Auto ZX2+ also provides multiple safety features utilizing Root ZX's proven accuracy to stop rotation and prevent over-instrumentation of the root canal.

Since 1992

Activated when the OGP2 mode is operating, Apical Slow Down reduces the rotation speed of the file as it approaches the apex. This function allows you to provide treatment that simulates the feel of hand filing while also reducing the chance of file breakage.                                                                                                                                                          


Various Modes