Root ZX mini

Root ZX mini Determines root canals accurately and precisely

I have had a Root ZX mini apex locator for a number of years. Can I combine this with a preparation motor to get file position displayed during canal shaping?

Yes. You can connect your Root ZX mini to a Tri Auto mini endodontic motor using a connecting cable. This will provide you with a apex locator system and preparation system. 

My battery display only shows two bars. When do I need to replace the batteries?

The batteries should be replaced soon. At best, replace the batteries as soon as the battery display starts flashing. Replace all three batteries with standard commercial batteries type AAA.

The X-ray exposure shows a different result to the indication by Root ZX mini. Which method is more precise?

The actual apical foramen and the anatomical apex often do not correspond exactly. The actual apical foramen can be located in the direction of the dental crown. The X-ray exposure then shows incorrectly that the file has not reached the apex.

Which parts can I autoclave?

The following parts can be autoclaved:

File holder (grey)

Contrary electrode

Long file holder (optional)

The following parts may not be autoclaved, only disinfected:

Probe cord (white)