Root ZX3

Root ZX3 Determines root canals accurately and precisely

Apex Locator


Apex Locator

Utilizes Morita's industry-leading, reliable apex location technology, which has been independently evaluated at a 97.5% accuracy rate*

  • Full functionality in dry or wet canals
  • Automatic calibration to compensate for changes in environment (temperature, humidity, etc.) and aging
  • High accuracy that lasts decades

Intuitive Design


Intuitive Design

  • Large and easy-to-read LCD display
  • Real-time readings smoothly displayed by 40 indicator bars
  • Clearly audible sound

* Tested with Root ZX II.
Guise, G. M., Goodell, G. G., & Imamura, G. M. (2010). In Vitro Comparison of Three Electronic Apex Locators. Journal of Endodontics, 36(2), 279-281.

Expand Your Treatment Range


Expand Your Treatment Range

  • Utilize high-frequency conduction by connecting an additional module to Apex Locator
  • In conjunction with the Apex Locator, HFC energizes the exact target location
  • Current output is limited depending on the position of the tip of electrode via apex location to prevent current overflow
  • Easily incorporated into your existing treatment style


High-Frequency Conduction (HFC)


High-Frequency Conduction (HFC)

For endodontic treatment

  • HFC can cauterize and coagulate tissue and residual substances by heating the area near and in contact with the tip of the electrode
  • After determining the tip position of the electrode through the apex location function, HFC can be performed for 1 second by stepping on the footswitch
  • 3 modes with different output levels are available
  • 2 types of electrodes are included. The Electrode S and Electrode C can be used for both HFC and apex location

For gingival treatment

  • Can be used as an electric scalpel for gingival incisions and excisions
  • Cutting Electrode No.1 is included

Electrode S

Electrode C
Effective for securing the surgical field
when using a microscope

Cutting Electrode No. 1


Applications of High-Frequency Conduction (HFC)


Application in Initial Treatment
HFC can be used to cauterize the pulp in a pulpectomy procedure.
Cauterization results in hemostasis and coagulation of the pulp.


Application in Retreatment
HFC can be used to cauterize infected tissue and contaminants inside and around the root canal.
After cauterization, symptoms are expected to improve due to the natural healing process of the human body.


Wide Range of Root Canal Treatment Applications
HFC is effective to cauterize infected tissue in un-instrumented areas and in the granulation.           The hemostasis that results from HFC allows for further stability in the apex location.



Application in Gingival Incision/ Gingivectomy
HFC can be applied to a gingivectomy and gingival polypectomy during septum / matrix creation and gingival retraction.

Usining Cutting Electrode No.1