Root ZX3

Root ZX3 Advanced, New Approach for Canal Treatment

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Apex Locator with High-Frequency (HF) Module 

Root ZX3 is the latest generation of Morita's world-renowned apex locator product line. Housed in a brand new, sleek design, it offers an overall smaller footprint, yet a larger, high-contrast display screen. It utilizes Morita's industry-leading apex location technology with real-time readings smoothly displayed by 40 indicator bars.

As an optional attachment, the new HF Module snaps easily onto the back of the apex locator.  By introducing high-frequency conduction (HFC) therapy, this module offers a new treatment approach for root canal shaping and cleaning methods. Applications and benefits include:

  • Cauterization of pulp in initial treatment
  • Cauterization of pulp in retreatment of challenging cases that could not be addressed solely by conventional methods
  • HFC's superior hemostatic affect contributes to enhanced apex location precision

Discover a new world of root canal treatment with Root ZX3.

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