Lubrina 2

Lubrina 2 Seamless Auto-Maintenance

  • Lubrina 2 - Get 4 Couplers PLUS a TwinPower or TORQTECH Free with Purchase
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Ordering Information

System includes: MORITA Lubricant Spray (2) (420ml ea), Oil Absorbent Tray Pad (1), Oil Absorbent Sheet (1), MORITA Spray Can Stands (2), Power Cord (1), Air Tube (1), Door Oil Absorbent Sheet (1), Front Door Sheet Stopper (1)

Lubrina 2 Product Number
Lubrina 2 Handpiece Maintenance System (Order no. 24-K325ENG)


Coupling Options

4H (MORITA Type) Coupling (Order no. 24-7376715)

Alpha (MORITA Type) Coupling (Order no. 24-7376766)

LS Coupling (TorqTech Series) (Order no. 24-7376774)

KaVo® Coupling (MULTIflex / MULTIflex LUX) (Order no. 24-7376723)

W&H® Roto Quick Coupling (Order no. 24-7376758)

Sirona® R/F Coupling (Order no. 24-7376731)

RZXII /TRZX2 Coupling (Root ZX II & Tri Auto ZX2) (Order no. 24-7376782)

Tri Auto ZX Coupling (Order no. 24-7373325)


Spray Can Stands

Standard (MORITA Spray 420 ml) (Order no. 24-7376952)

KaVo® Spray* (500 ml), NSK® Pana Spray Plus* (480 ml), YOSHIDA Spray* (Note: For use with Pana Spray, flip stand.) (Order no. 24-7373392)

Bien-Air® LUBRIFLUID Spray* (500 ml) (Order no. 24-7373694)

W&H® Service Oil F1 Spray* (400 ml) (Order no. 24-7373651)

Sirona® T1 Spray* (250 ml) (Order no. 24-7373422)


Lubricant Spray

Multi Spray (420ml) (Order No. 24-5010201)


O-Ring Sets

MORITA Alpha Coupling O-Ring Set (Order No. 24-5811550)

LS Coupling O-Ring Set (Order No. 24-7376820)

MORITA 4H Coupling O-Ring Set (Order No. 24-7373850)

Kavo Coupling O-ring Set (Order No. 24-7376871)

W&H Coupling O-ring Set (Order No. 24-7376928)

Sirona Coupling O-ring Set (Order No. 24-7376898)

RZXII / TRZX2 Coupling O-ring Set (Order No. 24-7373944)

Tri Auto ZX Coupling O-ring Set (Order No. 24-7373686)

Coupling Rubber Gasket (Order No. 24-5811831)

Other Accessories/Replacement Parts

Front Door Sheet Stopper (Order No. 24-7376979)

Door Oil Absorbent Sheet (5) (Order No. 24-7376839)

Oil Absorbent Sheet (5) (Order No. 24-7376847)

Oil Absorbent Tray Pad (5) (Order No. 24-7373465)

Power Cable (Order No. 24-7376962)

Air Tube 6 x 4mm (Order No. 24-7893787)


* The company names and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of each company.

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