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TwinPower Turbine Air Driven, High Speed Handpieces

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TwinPower Turbine® handpieces feature the world's only double-impeller rotor design. This unique innovation delivers superior cutting power even under high load conditions. TwinPower also offers the world’s only zero drawback feature. A pressurized air system prevents the intake of contaminated aerosol and other particles into the air line - a first for the dental industry. This feature helps eliminate cross contamination of the handpiece, coupling, air line, and treatment unit.

Since market introduction, Morita has added several models to the product line. Options now include:

  • High Torque - Morita's most powerful handpiece
  • Standard - the original 22-watt, ergonomically designed handpiece
  • Ultra Series - two mini handpiece models
  • 45° - surgical handpieces 
  • Basic - same size and power as the standard, yet surprisingly economical

For a limited time, a 30-day money back guarantee applies to all TwinPower Turbine purchases. Call 1-888 -JMORITA (566-7482) for more details. 

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