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What is the speed of TwinPower Turbine handpieces?

The turbines have a speed of 370,000 rpm. This can vary by +/- 30.000 rpm according to requirements.

What method do I have to use for preparing the turbines?

Please review the maintenance guides for proper care of your TwinPower Turbine handpieces. For regular maintenance and lubrication, it is highly recommended that Multi Spray, by Morita, be used for TwinPower handpieces. Other lubricants could cause TwinPower to malfunction, make it difficult to connect/disconnect, or adversely affect braking time. Refer to the instructions for use for more details on how to properly care for TwinPower using Multi Spray

Why are the turbines so durable?

TwinPower Turbine handpieces are manufactured with a unique ceramic coating treatment that offers up to 30% greater friction forces, improving grip and durability throughout multiple sterilization cycles.

In addition, the TwinPower’s drive is generated by double impellers which are made of very fine rotor blades. The intricate production of these rotor blades is very complex.

Why are the turbines so powerful?

This is due to the double-impeller rotor design that provides a constant high level of output over a wide speed range. In this way, they are very similar to high-speed motors.

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