Veraview X800

Veraview X800 Total Performance Imaging

Outstanding high resolution imagery

MORITA’s Veraview X800 redefines the top class of combination devices. Combing outstanding 3D image quality with brilliant panoramic clarity, the Veraview X800 provides hospital grade images that raises your diagnostic competence, reliability and treatment success in your dental practice.

Unparalleled clarity

You can’t treat what you can’t see. With a resolution of up to 80 um, the Veraview X800 provides images with remarkable clarity at a spacial resolution of 2.5 LP/mm. This stunning clarity gives you
entirely new diagnostic capabilities and enables you recognize even the smallest structures of bones and tissues. Thus you can make a more informed and comprehensive treatment plan that will earn the
trust of your patients.

Redefining the  top class of X-ray combination systems

The Veraview X800 was designed to be the world's first "Total Performance Imaging" system, providing outstanding image quality for panoramic, 3D and cephalometric images ensuring a precise and reliable diagnosis even in the most demanding cases.

The FPD shifts position depending on mode to give you ideal positioning for both 2D acquisitions as well as CBCT. This innovative and MORITA-exclusive solution ensures that both 3D and 2D
images are created under optimal exposure conditions. The result: superior image quality in 3D imaging that minimizes artifacts and distortion, as well as 2D images that are ideally positioned to reduce the shadows of cortical bones and the hard palate. Simply put: The Veraview X800 offers you "two complete imaging systems in one“,
with 100% performance for both. 

The Veraview X800 also sets new standards with respect to the ALARA principle. Whether its the choice between 11 different fields of view, the automatic "Dose Reduction" or the child setting, the Veraview X800 ensures high quality images are always balanced against X-ray exposure.

Unrivaled design and operation earned the Veraview X800 the prestigious IF Gold Award has allowed it to set a new and unique standard: „Total Performance Imaging". It is the combination system of choice and raises your diagnostic competence, reliability and treatment success in your dental practice.