Veraview iX

Veraview iX LED Positioning Guide Eliminates Guesswork for Accurate Alignment

LED Positioning Guide

Two LED light beams converge into a single point for visual confirmation of correct alignment for accurate X-rays. The cone is short and easy to manipulate which also facilitates correct positioning. It is also transparent for superior visibility. The lightweight head and arm can easily be maneuvered with a delicate touch.



Constant Voltage DC Generator

By utilizing a high frequency, direct current (DC) generator, this unit produces 'hard' x-rays which offer reduced dosage compared to units that operate with an alternating current. Tube voltage can be set at 60
kV or 70 kV.

Exposure settings

Digital or film scan options are available. An optimized exposure time is set after parameter selections are made.

Illuminated Pictogram Menu

Menu items illuminate to confirm selections and help prevent mistakes.



Easy Seat Height Adjustment

Seat height is easily adjusted by pulling up the lever for the gas cylinder under the seat.