• Tri Auto ZX2 - Hands on with Dr. Welk

    Dr. Aaron Welk shares his world-renowned expertise with us and his experience with the Tri Auto ZX2. He explains his practical and efficient approach to treatment using the Tri Auto ZX2 and helps us to understand how the product is being used in the… Read more

  • Retraction and Drawback

    Learn about retraction and drawback (or suck-back) and discover how the right handpiece that can help protect your patients from cross-contamination with solutions like anti-retraction valves and Zero-Drawback technology. Read more

  • About CBCT

    Morita’s dental CBCT is an examination unit enabling the three-dimensional observation and diagnosis of hard tissue in the dental field. It is developed with the concepts of high definition, low dose, small radiation field (FOV selectable), and space-saving… Read more