• About CBCT

    Morita’s dental CBCT is an examination unit enabling the three-dimensional observation and diagnosis of hard tissue in the dental field. It is developed with the concepts of high definition, low dose, small radiation field (FOV selectable), and space-saving… Read more

  • About Low Dose

    X-ray units need operating efficiently so that the risk of exposure to X-rays will be minimized and the benefit that patients receive will be maximized. Read more

  • Daily Inspection and Maintenance

    Improper maintenance will lead to a premature failure in the turbine.
    After the end of treatment in the morning and the afternoon, and before autoclave sterilization, be sure to perform maintenance following the procedure below.
    Read more

  • Optimal Posture for Dental Treatment

    Most dentists have experienced lower backache or backache during training or treatment. It is said that 62% of dentists who graduated from a dental college 10 years ago suffer from chronic lumbago. Twisting lumbar vertebrae and maintaining an unrelaxed… Read more