Optimal Posture for Dental Treatment Dental Treatment in Relaxed Posture

Most dentists have experienced lower backache or backache during training or treatment. It is said that 62% of dentists who graduated from a dental college 10 years ago suffer from chronic lumbago. Twisting lumbar vertebrae and maintaining an unrelaxed posture for a long time may compress a nerve and induce disease such as a herniated disk.

Optimal posture for dental treatment

People have easy-to-work postures, and they naturally settle into such postures during eating, operation, reading, etc. People will maintain the most stable posture when the backbone is perpendicular to gravity, that is, when the 7th cervical vertebra and the 4th lumbar vertebra are almost perpendicular. So we propose this natural treatment posture desirable to people. It is pd treatment. During the pd treatment, a patient lies horizontally in a posture perpendicular to gravity. This can be said to be a natural and optimal treatment posture not only for dentists but also for patients.

PD treatment

Although PD stands for proprioceptive derivation (decision), it is not a dental term and is not used for others. It is freely translated as “human-centered design and layout.” Specifically, it is a treatment environment friendly to all people, including not only in terms of physical motion and flow but also mentally. While dental care is required to have an accuracy of ±0.2 mm in the mouth, the PD treatment provides the care at -7° of patient’s upper occlusal plane, which is said to be the easiest angle for work. The pd treatment is the best treatment environment, which is not only friendly to dentists’ and patients’ bodies but also offers an accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Requirements for the best treatment environment

  1. Secure operator’s position in which to provide the care in a stable posture.

  2. Use a mirror effectively.

  3. Keep a patient in a horizontal position and maintain an upper occlusal plane of -7°.

  4. Secure the position where an assistant can work in close cooperation with the operator.

These four requirements need satisfying.
Morita’s space line series can cover them and practice the pd treatment most effectively.

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