Standardization and Information Exchange

The content posted on this page is intended for users of Morita diagnostic and imaging equipment, medical professionals, and those involved in medical information exchange.


With the increasing popularity of electronic health records, unifying information formats and standardizing interfaces play an important role in information exchange between medical information systems.
Since our systems conform to the information integration project "IHE" for medical information linkage and the medical care workflow [Integration Profile] standardized by IHE, implementing the information linkage in a new system or updating an existing system can be done easily.

IHE International Homepage
IHE USA Homepage
IHE Europe Homepage
IHE Japan Homepage 

As part of our efforts to standardize medical information systems,
we are participating in activities organized by the IHE-J.
IHE-J 2020 Connectathon


IHE Integration Statement

The IHE Integration Statement is a document that declares the IHE compliance status of a product. The IHE Actor and Integration Profile supported by the product are listed.     


DICOM Conformance Statement

DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) is a standard for medical imaging equipment.
The purpose of this standard is to connect medical imaging devices of different manufacturers and different models, and to exchange various diagnostic images and their associated information with each other.
In addition, a DICOM Conformance Statement is a document that declares a product's compliance with the DICOM standard and the scope of its conformity.